Form SKA

No. Nama Form Uraian Grup Negara
1 FORM A Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin Preference
2 FORM AANZ Agreement Establishing the ASEAN - Australia - New Zealand Free Trade Area Certificate of Origin Preference
3 FORM AI ASEAN-India Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Certificate of Origin Preference
4 FORM AK ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Area Preferential Tariff Certificate of Origin Preference
5 FORM COA Certificate of Authenticity Tobacco Preference
6 FORM D ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement/ASEAN Industrial Cooperation Scheme Certificate Of Origin Preference
7 FORM E ASEAN-China Free Trade Area Prefential Tariff Certificate of Origin Preference
8 FORM GSTP Global System of Trade Preference Certificate of Origin Preference
9 FORM HANDICRAFT BATIK Certificate in Regard to Traditional Handicraft Batik Fabrics of Cotton (Handycraft) Preference
10 FORM HANDICRAFT GOODS Certificate of Handicraft Goods (Handycraft) Preference
11 FORM HANDICRAFT PRODUCT Certificate in Regard to Certain Handicraft Products (Handycraft) Preference
12 FORM ICC Industrial Craft Certification (ICC) Preference
13 FORM IJEPA Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement Preference
14 FORM IP Indonesia Pakistan Preferential Trade Agreement (IPPTA) Preference
15 FORM AJ (*) The Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Partnership Among Member States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nation and Japan Certificate of Origin Non-Preference
16 FORM ANEXO III Certificado De Pais De Origen (Anexo III) Non-Preference
17 FORM B Republic of Indonesia Department of Trade Certificate of Origin Non-Preference
18 FORM ICO ICO Certificate of Origin Non-Preference
19 FORM TP Certificate of Origin (Textile Products) Non-Preference